The Company

We Asian Fisheries International are a seafood processing and import-export company in Pakistan established with an aim to catering the demand of Asia's finest quality seafood with highly competitive prices and on time delivery on consistent and longterm basis.

AFI process and exports various Pakistan region seafood items like Cuttle fish, Loligo Squids, Octopus, Ribbon fish, Silver & Black Pomfret, Leather Jacket, King Fish, Indian Mackerel, Lady fish, Reef Cod, Conger EEL fish, Silver TT Croakers, , Blue Swimming Crabs, Razor Clams, Top Shells , Sea Shrimps etc.

Our Group have Joint cooperation company based in Taiwan as well, through which we are engaged in all the overseas items like Yellow Fin Tuna, Skipjack Tuna, Longtail Tuna, Frigate Tuna, Salmon, Sweet Lip Fish, Sand Lobsters, Vanamei Shrimps, Sushi & Sashimi and other value added seafood products for International trading as well.

By years of hardworking, we carry out quality policy fostering professionals and offering the best quality products at best market competitive prices within the committed time frame to benefit our valued customers all over the world.

We AFI tirelessly seek to comprehend the needs of our customers and give it utmost importance to incorporate them into final products just as required. Right from the careful selection of the best quality raw materials upto the productions finishing touch the entire operations are conducted under our stringent control systems by our experienced, professionally trained and dedicated staff.

By virtue of maintaining appreciable performance levels, AFI has achieved a trusted brand image and established strong foothold in the either domestic as well as overseas markets. The company's ability to meet the customer’s specified requirements expeditiously has been its major strength and has helped it gain a loyal and growing customer base in international seafood market specially in China, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, mid east countries etc.

We AFI firmly believe and practice the principal that our customers' successes come first and their success is our success. Our business philosophy is to facilitate our customers always in the most professional & sophisticated manner with the assurance of our guaranteed quality seafood products.

We are deeply honored and thankful to our all AFI Seafood Business Partners round the globe for their longtime reliance on us.

We are really hopeful to develop best mutually beneficial and cordial business relations with your well regarded company on long term basis always.